• Commit to working with Constantine Construction and maintaining our historical record that 80% or more of our vendors for our next major construction project at 901 S. Bond St. will be from Baltimore City, across all disciplines of construction.

Year One Progress: Spent 80 percent of construction-related spend with vendors in the Greater Baltimore area.

  • Maintain that future construction projects at our Baltimore location will abide by this 80% standard.


  • Strive toward the goal that more than 50% of our colleagues working in the Baltimore office will be domiciled in Baltimore City by the year 2018.

Year One Progress: 33 percent of current employees are domiciled in Baltimore City.


  • Examine the possibility of going local with all future vendor choices and swaps specifically related to our Baltimore location.

Year One Progress: Spent more than 80 percent of eligible spending, including food service, facilities, and certain marketing-related expenses, with vendors in the Greater Baltimore area.

  • Make the effort to swap non-Baltimore vendors for Baltimore City vendors, especially in the Catering and Food Service category.

Year One Progress: Continuing efforts to buy local.

Direct Investment

  • In 2016, Brown Advisory commits to exceeding $790,327 donated in 2015 to organizations specifically based in Baltimore City.

Year One Progress: Exceeded goal of donating more than $790,327 to organizations specifically based in Baltimore City.

About Brown Advisory

In 1993, we founded Brown Advisory with a simple vision: to build an investment firm that is entirely focused on making a material and positive difference for our clients over time.


Our mission remains the same today as when we opened our doors: to be a firm where every action we take, every investment strategy we employ, every decision we make, puts clients first. To award professionals an ownership stake in the company so that everyone sees their interests as aligned with our clients’ long-term success. To be a firm that you would build for yourself if given a blank slate. To be relevant to our clients five, 10, and 20 years from now. To be the firm to which all our clients turn and ask: What do you think I should do? In short, to be regarded by our clients as thoughtful investors.


To fulfill that mission, we have carefully cultivated a culture of putting the needs and aspirations of clients before our own.

Brown Advisory


Nikhil Deusana