• Hire up to two (but no fewer than one) summer interns through participation in the Hire One Youth program. Goals of the summer intern program will be to promote the development of office skills and expose the intern to work done within a global law firm practice.

Year One Progress: Hogan Lovells hired one intern in 2016 through the Hire One Youth Program.


  • Review spending decisions in an effort to increase the percentage of spend with Baltimore City businesses, understanding that currently a majority of all discretionary spending is with local Baltimore City businesses.

Year One Progress: Hogan Lovells has developed a system to review spending decisions.

New Goal: Establish a baseline of Baltimore city spending to measure against.

  • Evaluate whether there is an available local or MWBE business that could provide comparable services, quality, and cost prior to renewing any contract with a business that is neither an MWBE nor an enterprise located in Baltimore City.

Year One Progress: Hogan Lovells continues to assess contracts to explore opportunities with MWBE businesses and Baltimore City Businesses.

Direct Investment

  • Devote at least $75,000 worth of timekeeper hours and 200 hours of nonlegal time to matters that relate to building a stronger Baltimore, including activities that promote workforce development and facilitate economic opportunity.

Year One Progress: Hogan Lovells provided nonlegal time to matters that relate to building a stronger Baltimore, such as leading expungement clinics.

  • Support the efforts of members of our team in leadership roles with local Baltimore nonprofits.

Year One Progress: Hogan Lovells team members serve as leaders on multiple local Baltimore nonprofit boards, including the Center for Urban Families.

  • Support the development of an initiative to mentor local Baltimore businesses and, in connection with that initiative, provide $75,000 worth of timekeeper time on governance and organizational matters.

Year One Progress: Hogan Lovells is working to identify partners to lead this initiative.

About Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells is a multinational law firm with approximately 2,500 lawyers working in more than 40 offices around the world, including for more than 25 years an office in Baltimore City. Commitment to the communities in which we are located is one of the guiding principles of Hogan Lovells. In 2015, Hogan Lovells launched a groundbreaking Global Citizenship Policy, which asks everyone at the firm to devote at least 25 hours a year to Citizenship program activities. The firm makes accommodations so that everyone at the firm can take part in one or more activity—as part of their normal duties—that fits under one of the five overarching pillars of the program: Pro Bono, Community Investment, Diversity, Environment, and Touch: Matched Charitable Giving.

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Erin Drenning
Communications Manager