• Fund four additional summer interns for a total of six interns in support of the Hire1Youth program.

Year One Progress: Increased funding to hire four additional youths for a total commitment of six.

Year Two Progress: Granted $9,000 to YouthWorks in support of six summer workers.

Year Three Progress: Granted $9,000 to YouthWorks in support of 6 summer workers. Hired nine college students for summer internship program. Expected to hire fifteen college interns for the Baltimore Diversity Program in 2019.

Year Four Progress: No Update.

Year Five Progress: No Update.

  • Commit to hiring applicants meeting the minimum requirements for open positions with an emphasis on candidates in targeted areas.

Year One Progress: Hired 119 Baltimore City residents in 2016.

Year Two Progress: Hired 175 Baltimore City residents in 2017.

Year Three Progress: Hired 120 Baltimore City residents in 2018.

Year Four Progress: No Update.

Year Five Progress: No Update.

  • Host an open house and job fair in the targeted communities.

Year One Progress: Participated in numerous job fairs, including one hosted by Congressman Cummings, the Recruit Military Baltimore fair, and the Maryland New Directions fair.

Year Two Progress: Participated in the following job fairs: Invest in Girls,
Elijah Cummings Job Fair, Professional Diversity Network, Recruit Military Baltimore, and Soldiers for Life.

Year Three Progress: Participated in the following job fairs:  Veterans Job, UMUC Spring – College Park Maryland LGBT Chamber of Commerce Expo, Morgan State Spring, Mega Job and Internship Fair, JCA 50+ Employment Expo, Maryland New Directions, Salisbury University Fall Job Fair.

Year Four Progress: No Update.

Year Five Progress: No Update.

Direct Investment

  • Increase both lending and first time homebuyer education classes in 2016.

Year One Progress: Conducted approximately 120 qualified seminars through 2016 that benefited over 4,000 potential homeowners.

Year Two Progress: Completed over 200 classes in 2017 serving 5000 potential homebuyers.

Year Three Progress: Completed over 200 workshops  in 2018.

Year Four Progress: No Update.

Year Five Progress: No Update.

  • Train over 100 M&T Bank employees to enhance ability to provide additional financial literacy classes.

Year One Progress: Trained over 100 M&T Bank employees to deliver financial instruction to students throughout Baltimore City. Over 2,500 students were taught including ones from Morgan State and Coppin State universities.

Year Two Progress: 200 M&T employees trained over 3,000 students in 2017.

Year Three Progress: In 2018, M&T trained over 200 employees to deliver financial education.

Year Four Progress: No Update.

Year Five Progress: No Update.

  • Increase commitment to Healthy Neighborhoods by $2 million in 2016.

Year One Progress: Increased our commitment to Healthy Neighborhoods during 2016 by $2 million to help finance additional projects in Baltimore City.

Year Two Progress: TRF invested $2 million in the Central Baltimore Partnership.

Year Three Progress: Made an investment of $2,804,000 in charitable contributions; $775,000 in new long term commitments – Associated Jewish Charities, Archdiocese/Partners in Excellence Program, United Way of Central Maryland, Waterfront Partnership, Lifebridge Health Central Maryland.

In 2018 the bank increased its Healthy Neighborhoods commitment to $5 million. This is in addition to the $36 million we have invested in the past. M&T Bank also provided a grant to the Baltimore African American Homebuilders Association and issued a commitment of $500,000 to Baltimore Community Lending to support the efforts of the Baltimore African American Homebuilders Association.

Year Four Progress: No Update.

Year Five Progress: No Update.

  • Establish a second mentoring program in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters Beyond School Walls program in 2017.

Year One Progress: Established a second mentoring program of 23 students in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Beyond School Walls to begin in September 2017.

Year Two Progress: Opened a new cadre of 25 Westport Academy Students in the fall of 2017.

Year Three Progress: Continued our support with the mentoring program over 40 students.  Expected to have over 50 students in 2019.

Year Four Progress: No Update.

Year Five Progress: No Update.

Additional Activities

  • Established a regional committee consisting of management representatives from all operating units to review previous year’s divisional discretionary spending with potential vendors, and to support and encourage future discretionary spending with Baltimore and minority companies beginning in 2017.
  • Started a mortgage origination department geared to service first-time and low- and moderate- income buyers. Through June 2016, 96 home purchase mortgages originated in Baltimore City, and 68 home purchase loans to low- and moderate-income people occurred in Baltimore City.
  • Partnered with Operation Hope to deliver a new program called Hope Inside. Operation Hope will execute a delivery system for adult education and empowerment with one Hope Inside coach providing credit and money management services throughout the Baltimore community from the Center for Urban Families and M&T’s Patterson Park branch. M&T Bank employees will have access to the yearlong program of activities in order to select the most opportune time to volunteer to teach alongside the counselor.
  • Closed a $2 million loan to the Reinvestment Fund to support the Central Baltimore Future Fund (CBFF), a multimillion-dollar lending initiative designed to work in collaboration with a comprehensive revitalization strategy for a cluster of central Baltimore neighborhoods by providing loans to developers and building owners who are seeking to build or restore high-impact projects.

About M&T Bank

Established in 1856 as Manufacturers and Traders Bank, today we’re the M&T Bank Corporation, one of the 20 largest US headquartered commercial bank holding companies, with more than 800 branches, 1,600 ATMs and 17,000 employees throughout New York, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey and Florida.

We have long operated as a community-focused bank. As such, we understand that the vitality of the communities in which we do business is crucial to our continued success. M&T supplied $21.8 million in funding in 2014 to a wide range of community-based organizations—over $182 million in charitable contributions over the past ten years. Each year, we contribute more than $4.1 million to over 500 not-for-profits in Maryland. We have maintained our level of giving through the economic downturn.

M&T’s commitment to the community cannot be measured in dollars alone, however, as the bank provides significant amounts of human capital in addition to its monetary capital. M&T employees report spending 320,000 per year in volunteer service to others in our communities and serve on 2,300 boards. In addition, M&T Bank has earned the highest Community Reinvestment Act rating since 1982.

M&T is the #1 SBA lender in Baltimore and Maryland and #7 in the US and is #1 in lead bank relationships among middle market clients in Baltimore and Maryland. M&T is #2 in retail deposit share in Baltimore and in Maryland with the second largest branch network in Baltimore and the state. Maryland has become an important hub for our company and we have many of our business lines headquartered in Baltimore (including Health Care, Financial Institutions, Not for Profit, Investment Banking, National, Government Banking and International Trade Finance).

You’ll find M&T Bank to be a reliable bank that’s strong and stable, a local bank that’s committed to the communities we serve, an accessible bank that’s close and convenient, and a responsive bank that cares about what’s important to you, your family and your business.

M&T Bank


Mike Riley