• Commit to an M/WBE goal of 30% (25%MBE and 5%WBE) for the Maryland Live Hotel project. As was the case during the construction of Maryland Live! Casino, the vast majority of M/WBE participation will be with Baltimore-based firms.

Year One Progress: Committed 26 percent, or $14 million, in contract awards to local, minority-owned, or women-owned businesses.

Year Two Progress: Committed $14.3 million in contract awards to local, minority-owned, or women-owned businesses.

Year Three Progress: No Update.

Year Four Progress: No Update.


  • Hire two high school students for Summer 2016; one from YouthWorks and one from the Urban Alliance.

Year One Progress: Hired two students from Hire One Youth Program and hired one student from Urban Alliance in fall 2016.

Year Two Progress: Hired one student from the Hire One Youth Program and one student from Urban Alliance in fall 2017.

Year Three Progress: No update.

Year Four Progress: Hired one high school intern in 2019.

  • In support of the need to prepare the next generation of Baltimore residents for today’s evolving workplace, The Cordish Companies will partner with the Urban Alliance of Baltimore to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to career readiness for Baltimore City high school students, beginning freshman year. With buy-in and participation from other BLocal partner companies, there is the opportunity to scale the Urban Alliance approach as a means of successfully preparing and employing large numbers of city youth for the workforce, especially at-risk males.

Year Three Progress: No Update.

Year Four Progress: No Update.


  • Spend 10–15% of the Baltimore metro area annual operating budget with M/WBEs with a commitment to increase our goals incrementally on an annual basis.

Year One Progress: Spent approximately 13 percent, or $12.5 million, of annual expenditures with M/WBEs.

Year Two Progress: Spent $9.6 million with M/WBEs.

Year Three Progress: Spent $5 million with M/WBEs.

Year Four Progress: Spent $13.9 million with M/WBEs.

About The Cordish Companies

The Cordish Companies’ origins date back to 1910 and encompass four generations of privately held, family ownership. During the past 10 decades, The Cordish Companies has grown into a global leader with areas of expertise in Real Estate Development, Live! Districts, Sports Anchored Districts, Gaming & Hospitality, and International Development. One of the largest and most respected developers in the world, The Cordish Companies has been awarded an unprecedented seven Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence for public-private developments that are of unique significance to the cities in which they are located. Prime examples are The Cordish Companies’ prominent role in the redevelopment of Baltimore’s world famous Inner Harbor; Philadelphia; Atlantic City, N.J.; Charleston, S.C.; Houston; Louisville, Ky.; Kansas City, Mo., and St. Louis. In addition, The Cordish Companies has developed and operates throughout the United States multiple highly acclaimed entertainment destinations, which welcome over 50 million visitors per year and are the most visited destinations in their respective regions. Over the generations, The Cordish Companies has remained true to the family’s core values of quality, entrepreneurial spirit, long-term personal relationships, and integrity. As a testimony to the long-term vision of its family leadership, The Cordish Companies still owns and manages virtually every business it has created.

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Cari Furman
Communications Manager